Chengdu Kaiyuan Flow Co., Ltd (CKFC) is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in manufacture, development, design, marketing, technical consultation and service of valves based upon the back of well-known domestic valve manufacturers. CKFC’s basic business is to provide power stations (fossil-fuelled power plant, hydro-power station, gas-turbine generating plant and nuclear power plant), petro/chem. plants, metallurgical plants, flue gas desulfuration plants, purifying plants of natural gas, sewage treatment projects, etc., with various kinds of suitable valves and affiliated equipment. These valves can be in accordance with either Chinese Standards or such foreign Standards like ANSI, API, JIS, DIN, BS and ISO. Technical parameters and material selection of valves are in wide range largely meeting requirements for all industries. In addition, CKFC can, as an agent, import various kinds of valves from foreign countries. The range of valves supplied includes as below: Normal diameter 1 mm to 3,000 mm (to 6,000 mm for low pressure valves) Working pressure Max. 250 MPa Working Temperature: -190℃ to 650℃ Type of Actuators manual, geared, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and pneum-hydraulic actuators. Valves can be automatically controlled and remotely controlled with the help of these actuators.

  The features of power station valves provided by CKFC are as follows: Forged valves are classified as full size bore valve and reduced bore valve. Newly developed P91 material forged valves without expensive welding nozzles are reasonable in structure, convenient in maintenance, and long in service life. The latest forging-welding structure valves can ensure reliable operation as it prevents essentially from faults caused by quality problem of cast steel blanks. Valves in HP feed water heater system are optimum designed and they are all made in China except for actuators and their operation has been experienced for six years in 4x325MW power station. Safety valves are of exact trip pressure, good repeatability, low back-seat differential pressure. As regards various kind s of regulating valves, Such problems as flashing, cavitations, vibration and noise, etc are all efficiently solved in basis of different cases.

  CKFC provides FGD (Flue Gas Desulfuration) with butterfly valves. Valve discs are made of cheaper Duplex stainless steel or hard rubber-overlaid ductile iron reducing cost. Besides ceramic ball valves may be chosen to substitute importing regulating valves. 1.4529super austenic stainless steel may be used for liquid containing high Cl ion. Its cost is higher than duplex stainless steel, but its service life is longer.

  CKFC with related units has jointly been engaged in development in structure and material of sulphur resistant valve for years and has formed a serious of products. Incorporating with Chinese actual case the material selection criteria and teat treatment specifications have been established with reference to NACE Standard.

   CKFC has developed many new products such as hard sealing high temperature ball valve, balance gate valve with by-pass, large diameter globe valve with throttling function, light check valve, and electric angle type vacuum brake valve, etc.

  CKFC’s senior engineers and technicians have ever taken part in development and check of valve specification used in 300 MW nuclear power station. They are fully aware of strict requirements for performance and quality of valves in nuclear power stations as well as purchase specification and quality control system. The safety and reliability must be ensured in operation and emergence. They will try to do best to make contribution to production and supply of nuclear power station valves on the base of cooperation with manufactures abroad and at home.

  The staff members of CKFC consist largely of the engineering and technical personnel who are rich
in experience in the field of supply for complete set of equipment for power plant, environment protection project,
petrochemical plant and metallurgical plant. Of recent years they have ever token part in works of supply of a certain amount of
equipment and material to following projects:
2x200 MW Sengli Oil Field Power Plant China 2x300 MW Soyangshan Power Plant
Bangladesh 2x210 MW Chittagong Power Plant Iran 4x325 MW Arak Power Plant
Pakistan Karachi Sewage Treatment Project
Flue Gas Desulfuration plant of 2x300 MW Anshun Power Station
China No.3 & 4 Flue Gas Desulfuration Plants of Yaxi Power Station
China Guangdong Steam-Gas Combine-Cycle Generating Plant
Gas Desulfuration Plant of 2x300 MW CHONGQING HECHUAN Power Station
India 3×300MW Power Station

   Ii is very important to select valves used for a specific application condition on basis of cheap price and good quality. Our engineering and technical personnel may, in basis of their rich experience in operation and manufacture of valve, propose valuable suggestions to customers in respect of valve selection.

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